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The Durbar in Kano this year was something not to be missed if you like horses and horsemanship.


The Emir of Kano arrives at the Durbar in Kano, Nigeria. 

This is a short film called “sukuwar nasawara”. In Hausa, this roughly translates to “Galloping Victory”. It represents an important part of the Durbar festivals that one finds in Nigeria. I am not so familiar with the specific robes of the Emirs of the north, but it looks like this iis the emirate of Kano. The important part of this video is to see that the horsemen charge the emir at a full gallop, only pulling up just before actually hitting him. Although it seems here as if they are charging the main door to the palace of the emir. This may be the symbolic way to charge toward him nowadays. It appears that he arrives later, but one never knows how the video was edited. It is an ancient tradition to race threateningly toward the chief only to pull up at the last minute.